Fallen too Far by Abbi Glines


Thankyou! Abbi Glines! you managed to write a book that I was in love with to even think about putting down! I love Blair’s character she is strong and sassy and doesn’t fall to her knees for Rush constantly! Rush is dominating and intense but as soon as he knows that Blair is the one, he flips a switch and it is like he becomes a totally different, totally loved up fool!

The story-line itself is twinged with heartache and grief, but the way that Blair deals with her troubles is beyond mature and you don’t find yourself feeling sorry for her. You’re just willing her to get better!
I did think there was going to be a little plot twist with Grant and I thought that maybe he and Blair would have a little something but once you got into the plot and Woods took that space it was almost as if you forgot who Grant was, until he was mentioned again!

Nan, is a brilliant super bitch! She is Rich and spoilt and has always had everything her own way, so it is clear from the start that her and humble Blair wouldn’t have much in common!!

The plot twist is explosive and calculated and you would have never guessed it was going to happen which is very rare for me, so another thumbs up!!

Now i’m going to continue to read Never too Far, even though I am up for work in a few hours because I am well and truly hooked!

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