Never too Far by Abbi Glines


Swoon, Swoon and then Swoon some more! Can Blair and Rush get any better together?! They’re perfect! I’m jealous! I love it!

Their Relationship is alluring and then it is addictive, so when you start to read you don’t have a chance to put it down! If I could use one word to describe it, I would use Electrifying! It gave me tingles, it gave me butterflies and the only reason it didn’t get a full on 5 stars is because it ended so abruptly. I wanted the birth of the baby, the wedding day and just a better conclusion in general then ‘The End’.

It was always going to be hard to follow such a perfect first book, my expectations were extremely high and I guess I am a little disappointed that it didn’t quite reach them but don’t let this take you or become discouraged it is still an enchanting read and its nice to see Rush grovelling on his knees for a little bit too!

  1. Apparently she’s writing another follow up with these characters. Always too Far – which I think will show more of “the end” that was left out of this book. I really enjoy the characters, but she is really stretching this book out.

  2. ooo! interesting! if she happens to do this she would most definitely redeem the ending, although I totally agree with the fact she is stretching the book out the story-lines just aren’t as hard hitting any-more! Sometimes less is enough!

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