Review of Delta Project: Hide by Jessica Jaster


Delta Project: Rescue is the second in the series and may I say it was a brilliant follow up to the first.
The storyline is unflappable – it has tension, angst and its always emotional witnessing the journey Weston is making as she slowly leaves number five behind.
I’m a little disappointed with how little Cormac was in it after the progression in their relationship in the first book – I wanted more romance. I know its a YA book but a little bit of steam wouldn’t have gone a miss! I know Mac is always there in spirit throughout the book but it just wasn’t the same for me!
To think that the next book is going to more like this book as Weston goes on another adventure is a little deflating. I know its not all about love but when you throw two characters together so perfectly its cruel to us readers to keep tearing them apart. Other than that and the same grammatical and spelling errors in this book as there was in the first it was a really great read and I can’t wait to continue through the series!

Bravo! Jessica you have managed to do it again! please continue to write great fiction!

  1. Thanks so much for the review of book 2, Rebecca!!! I’m glad you liked it!!
    Psst…a little birdie told me that there may be more Mac-action than you are expecting in book 3 🙂

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