Review of Jesse’s Brother by Wendy Ely


I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

I gave Jesse’s brother 3 stars and here’s the reason why:

I was really excited to read Jesse’s brother by Wendy Ely because the plot line sounded amazing and it didn’t disappoint, I love the whole ‘who is she going to pick’ drama that you get with a love triangle but I felt that it was a little rushed! Some things didn’t make sense the characters weren’t as relatable as they could’ve been and I wanted more depth!
Noah and Jesse are completely different and I like what each brings to the story! I think if the book had been longer I would’ve been attached to one boy more than the other but in this case I just wasn’t!

(Spoiler alert!!)
Her mother was horrible throughout and it’s not surprising that I didn’t get that pang of sadness that I usually do when someone dies!

If I could give Wendy one piece of advice it would be to take your time! Sometimes things shouldn’t be rushed and writing a novel falls into that category! All in all the basics were there but it lacked the structure that’s needed to make a truly great read! I’ll still be reading the next in the series and I hope that now Wendy is a little bit more experienced it will be a more thrilling read!

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