The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window by Kirsty Moseley review


What can I say about ‘The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window’ other than wow!

Liam is one of the best male protagonists ever! He’s loving and warm but he is also witty and sarcastic! Swoon!  He’s been in love with Amber since he was 4 years old and she has no idea – If anything she see’s him as her brothers annoying best friend! Some people would find this a little creepy and weird but the way that Kirsty  Moseley portrays it is too beautiful for words! It honestly took my breath away!

I also like the way the seedier parts of the book didn’t outweigh the romance! It’s great their included because it makes for a great read but rather than a heavy grittier plot line its fun and I honestly couldn’t peel my eyes away! I love how protective Jake is, it’s refreshing to see siblings that get on in books and to see how far he goes to look out for her is heart warming!

The only thing I’m wondering is….How the hell I’m going to move on to another book and not think about this one! Someone bring me a childhood sweetheart who thought I was an angel from the moment he first laid his eyes on me….!

Imagine if it came out that this was a true story! Life as I know it would be truly not worth it!

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