Second Rate chances Review by Holly Stephens


‘Second Rate chances’ is a beautiful romantic novel that had me grinning and weeping from the moment I started to read it! 

Sam wakes up from a coma expecting to find the love of his life, Lil to be waiting for him but instead there is a strange blonde at his bedside claiming that that they’re engaged! Lil is still getting over the man she thought she would spend forever with and she is doing a great job of floating through life aimlessly focusing on her career, until she gets a call saying that Sam needs her and only her. Now they have to find a way to help each other heal.

I loved it so much, it was a lump in the throat rendition of a modern day romance. There was quite a few times when I had to blink back the tears, it really manages to tug on your heartstrings. 

Sam and Lil are great individually they’re smart and witty and just really likeable characters but together they really knock it out of the park. The supporting characters are pretty awesome too…especially Abe and Kane, they’re every girls gay best friends fantasy. Ellie makes for a great friend to Lil she is feisty and sarcastic and furiously loyal. Chloe makes for the perfect villain in the story, she is constantly trying to cause trouble and I swear I felt like i wanted to strangle her a few times. (You know its bad when a book draws you to anger management!)

I even went through a stage of withdrawal after I’d read it…I’m finally over it…I think!

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