Confessions ‘Desert Secrets’ Review by Wendy Ely



After reading Jesse’s Brother by Wendy Ely recently I was dubious about continuing with reviewing her books…Boy! am I glad I carried on! After being a little hard on Wendy’s first book I have completely 360’d.

Confessions is a cute tale,  the plot line goes like this;

10 years ago Chelsea and Jordan get together, when Chelsea gets pregnant she runs away but everyone at home including Jordan thinks she’s dead! Chelsea gives the baby away because she is young and wants to have a life. Now 10 years on Chelsea receives a letter from Jordan wanting to know his child  but when she tells him what happened to their baby girl he vows to find her no matter what it takes and he also blackmails Chelsea into going with him.

What Chelsea doesn’t know is Jordan is still harbouring feelings for her and very much wants to have a complete family with her included. As they continue on their search old feelings get brought up and a beautiful, meant to be relationship begins to bloom.

I won’t go into to much detail and include a large amount of spoilers but you should know that everyone with a heart should read this loving, warm tale. Wendy Ely did a great job of conjuring up a unique and endearing story. Chelsea and Jordan are really great characters, both stubborn and confused about the situation they’re in. Jordan is whole heartedly romantic and has been waiting for Chelsea for as long as he can remember!

complimenti Wendy! There are no other words….

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