Unmaking Hunter Kennedy Review by Anne Eliot



Unmaking Hunter Kennedy was a little PG13 for my liking! It was definitely directed towards a younger audience and maybe that’s why it didn’t get a 5 star rating from me. Don’t get me wrong it was a great YA Story and if you’re after a little censored romance then I would recommend it!

It was sweet and cute and extremely soppy as an out of control rock star called Hunter falls in love with a shy, anxiety ridden girl named Vera. Vera has been in love with her brothers best friend Curtis ever since she could remember playing house with him but ever since she punched him in the face during a game of truth and dare, she can’t look at him without blushing like a maniac. This is where Hunter comes in –  he disguises himself as a boy named Dustin and helps Vera get over her embarrassment and unwillingly pushes her into Curtis’s arms.

I liked Vera and Hunter, they complemented each other very well. As for the other characters I didn’t hate them but I didn’t love them. There just wasn’t any connection for me and I found them annoying in some way or another.

I wouldn’t read it again but if you’re a teenager (or a hopeless romantic of an adult) who likes a light, easy and well written love story then I would certainly say this is the book for you!

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