HDU Review by India Lee


HDU is like a backstage all access pass to the world of celebrities! I loved it! I was on tenterhooks from the moment I started to read it!

Amanda Nathan has officially hit rock bottom, she is living at home with her parents whilst her do no wrong, ex best friend lives it up in her apartment with her boyfriend. The only thing she has going for her in her life is being the moderator of HDU! HDU is a celebrity blog site in which she continuously slams Liam Brody, Liam is a notorious playboy who is with a different model each week!

When Mr Brody contacts Amanda with the opportunity of a lifetime, Amanda is hoisted into the nitty gritty and very public world of being famous.

In between the hot A Listers, the paparazzi and avoiding peoples manipulative downfalls – Amanda’s and Liam’s relationship turns into a touching love story!

I was hooked from the moment I started to read it! – I almost wanted it to be based on a true story and then I could follow it all of the time but alas I will just have to wait until HDU 2 comes out! Anyone have any ideas of when its being released?

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