Sticky Fingers Review by Niki Burnham


I’m in two minds about ‘Sticky fingers’ – The characters are bleurgh to say the least and the lack of connection I had with them affected how I felt about the storylines that unfolded.

Jenna has a ‘perfect’ life – she is the ‘perfect’ student, has the ‘perfect’ boyfriend and the perfect ‘friends’ but this all falls to pieces when she has a beer at a local party! One beer for gods sake! I mean come on!

Jenna’s ‘best friend’ Courtney is going through family drama and is finding other ways to feel alive (Yawn!).

Scott, is Jenna’s boyfriend he is popular and smart but he wants something that Jenna isn’t ready to give him! Her virginity!

When her life starts ripping apart at the seams. Jenna goes to a party to let go for once in her uptight life only to have one of the worst things happen to her!

After completing ‘Sticky Fingers’ I felt deflated – Niki Burnham tried to take a relatable but unconventional issue and make it popular but the trouble is, the plot lacked conviction and the issue at hand was made obsolete.

The cover art is misleading and I don’t really understand how it relates to the context in the slightest! It was disappointing!

I also hate to say more mean things but the morale of the story was too blatant – Like she was trying to scare teenagers away from having fun and it angers me that impressionable young girls may read this and think they can’t have a good time without being safe which is completely untrue!

I had to read another book pretty much straight away to rid the bitter taste from my mouth!

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