Love Love by Beth Michele



Ahhh! sweet, sweet redemption! After the last horrible book, I needed something to lighten my mood and ding! ding! we have a winner!



Gabby is haunted but loving and sweet, she moves away from home to the big city to escape the memory that haunts her daily and nightly. There she meets Brad and Dane both who are Perfect for different things;

Brad is delicious like candy (If you’ve read the book then you’ll get the reference) he cares for Gabby in every possible way! Dane is smoking hot and there is a constant buzz of sexual tension surrounding him! Who does Gabby pick….?!!

At first I though that ‘Love Love’ would end like any romance novels of late seem too and she would end up with the rich, arrogant big shot but think again! For once in the land of fiction – the good guy did not finish last! Wohooo!

His and Gabby’s relationship is based on soul weepingly honest love and it is so refreshing to see! (If you’re interested in the down and dirty scenes – between  me and you, Brad is a gentleman of the streets and a freak in the bed!)

I will most definitely be rereading this for satisfaction when I need a pick me up! Ultimate Epic romance!

*Slow claps and swoons*

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