Double Clutch (#1 Brenna Blixen Series) by Liz Reinhardt




Brenna Blixen is an educated and well travelled girl, she has recently just got back from a year in Denmark. On her First day back at a normal school, Brenna falls in love with not one but two guys! (Lucky Cow!)

Firstly there’s Saxon, the arrogant, know it all with the sexy swagger! (Did I mention he’s ridiculously smart too!) then there’s Jake; The down to earth farm boy who’s sweetness would rot your teeth! (I mean that in the romantic sense – Nothing says love like a bunch of cavities)

If you like ‘The Vampire Diaries’ then you would just love this book, its the same kind of triangle minus the supernatural stuff. Saxon is very like Damon and Jake is Very much like Stefan. I was openly voting for Jake at first but then there was a nagging sensation in the back of my mind that Brenna needs to be with Saxon! Lets just say I was confused! I’m rooting for them both! Have they ever heard of an open relationship do you think?

I just loved this book in general, it was endearing! I was hooked pretty much from the get go and I think I read it in a matter of hours! If I hadn’t have been in work the next morning I may have continued into the series and it would have been the 50 Shades of Grey fiasco all over again! (Don’t ask) I will just have to contain myself and continue tomorrow instead!


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