Junk Miles (#2 Brenna Blixen Series) by Liz Reinhardt



Just a little warning – This post will contain spoilers!

What can I say about Junk Miles?!! It had everything I’d wished for. Brenna finally got with Saxon…Kind of! In a way! Maybe that’s just my wishful thinking taking control again!

I didn’t enjoy Junk Miles as much as I enjoyed Double clutch (The previous book in the series) and I have to say I was a little disappointed because I’d been waiting to read this all day! It was literally what got me through work!

I think it’s the way the characters changed all there perspectives on life..Jake wants more so he can feel like he is good enough for Brenna! Brenna is too busy listening to her over-possessive mother to decided what she really wants from life and Saxon is so obsessed with the things he feels for Brenna that he turns to drink, drugs and skanky girls to cure him! This all adds up to be too different for my liking and I kind of wish Liz Reinhardt would have sticked to the same guidelines she used for Double Clutch!

I’m going to continue to read the series but I really hope it gets better as its kind of a struggle to carry on!

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