Slow Twitch (#3 Brenna Blixen Series) by Liz Reinhardt



The third in the Brenna Blixen Series was a rollercoaster ride. There were times of tribulation and there were times of mortification, There were also times where I felt myself nodding off due to boredom! This is not me being mean, Liz Reinhardt is a brilliant author and you can tell she is a book lover herself but her storylines are just so repetitive! Jake, Saxon, Brenna in the same old triangle with nothing in between!

She introduced some new characters into it, Evan – The Southern girl who Brenna meets in her study programme in Ireland. Cadence who is Saxon’s new love interest and is kind of wishy-washy for me. (It might be the fact that I’ve always wanted him and Brenna to get together!) Then there is Devon the quiet, geek that Brenna meets in her AP English class in Double Clutch (Book one in the series) yeah you know the one I mean the annoying one who Brenna really didn’t like except now he is reformed/transformed into a beautiful butterfly with social etiquette and nice clothes! (Who knew!)

All in all, I hope this is the last in the series, there is so little storyline to carry on! I’m literally yawning just thinking about it!

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