Descended by Debra Ann Miller Review



I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion and unbiased review, I gave ‘Descended’ 5 stars and here is why:

Descended was brilliant, I couldn’t stop myself from reading! I like the fact that I was always engrossed in some part of the story, be it the mission, the twists or the relationship that Vie and Carter have.

The book itself is based on the battle between hell and heaven. Evil trying to take over the world under the dictator, Lucifer whilst the guardians are trying everything in their power to stop them. Carter is the chosen one and both sides are after him for different reasons. Vie is one of the good guys and she is sent to earth to do whatever it takes to bring Carter to his full potential of greatness!

Vie and Carter are soul-mates – from the moment they see each other there are sparks and it continues to blossom throughout the book!

Gabrielle the head of the guardians and Vies best friend is risking everything to give Vie the opportunity to show the superiors what she is made of, whilst at the same time protecting her from Lucifer’s evil clutches.

I can’t wait to venture on to the next book, Debra did a really great job and I have to also point out she created a brilliant piece of fiction that is not only enchanting but is also really well written! Well Done!



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