Paper Ghosts by Vanessa Deroo Review


I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, I gave ‘Paper Ghosts‘ 5 stars and here is why:

Paper ghosts‘ was a beautiful mix of short stories and poems each one en-captured you in different ways. The writing was almost melodic as you engrossed yourself in the feelings of the characters that Vanessa Deroo has managed to conjure up. Some of the poems could be lyrics they were so beautiful and the music that Vanessa had you imagining enchants you as you read.

My favourite Short Story would have to be ‘Quiet City‘ it was a lovely, sweet snippet of a sensitive boys past heartbreaks! I was a little disappointed that it ended so quickly I could have continued to read it all day! It was great opener to a wonderful book!

A really beautiful read full of stunning stories! I will definitely be re-reading this again at some point!

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