Johnny and the Seven Teddy Bears of Sin by James Venn Review



I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion and review. I gave this book 2 stars and here is why:

What did I like about ‘Johnny and the Seven Teddy Bears of sin….Let me think, how about Nothing! The Plot line was awful had no sense of rhythm and was ridiculously hard to get in to. The only saving grace for me is that I love the theory behind the seven deadly sins and enjoy others representation of them.

This was a short story (Thank God!) that might have worked if it hadn’t also rhymed, some people may like it but it just confuses me – Especially when half of it didn’t make sense because Jamie Venn was trying so hard to think of words that flowed well with another!

If I had a choice, I would delete this from my memory and very graciously tell the author to start again with the same concept but with a different approach. Sorry try again next time!

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