Restoration by Elaine Walsh Review



I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review and opinion,

I gave this book 3 stars and here is why:

Restoration is all about the family that left behind a death row prisoner, sometimes the

people you hear about aren’t the only victims and what do the ones that get left behind

really feel?

Another great story but it seemed kind of flat to me, there was no suspense. no equilibrium – It just dealt with ones woman’s issues and emotions as she watches her step dad/Person she hates most in life face the death penalty and I just don’t believe she was interesting enough to make a character out of!

In some parts it felt a little pretentious, like Elaine Walsh was trying so hard to be sophisticated and classy that she completely missed out the reality of the situation and it just failed to impress me if anything it was another thing that had me turning my nose up!

I liked the uniqueness of the story and the fact that I have never seen anything like it before, is refreshing. Sometimes I groaned but the majority of it was a nice and it was a well written book. I wouldn’t read it again but I would recommend it to anyone who isn’t after anything thrilling but is looking for a good read!

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