Geekus Interruptus by Mickey J. Corrigan Review




I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I gave Geekus Interrputus 3 stars and here is why:

I Kind of wanted it to be longer, I’m not sure the story suited being such a short novella because as soon as the plot kicked in, it was over and everything was smelling like roses. I wanted more drama.

Geek’s are very sexy, no-one can deny this fact but I just don’t know whether Jesse hit the jackpot for me, he was too much of a wet blanket. Marcy on the otherhand was pretty awesome, she had a vibe about her that made her relatable to the majority of women out there – She was a little insecure but when it came down to something she wanted, she was fierce.

Mickey did a great job at creating a humorous story with some really great ideas but it wasn’t perfect and there a few things I would definitely change if I had the chance too.

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