Eve Rabi Guest post and Book Tour!

Hi and welcome to, Rapid Reviewers author segment.


For the next few minutes I am going to tell you a little about my book and a little about


Feel free to kick back and relax while we get to know each other.

Wanna take off your shoes? Go right ahead.

Have a glass of chardonnay. Or 20? I’m not fussy, go right ahead.


Let’s go then!

A little about Moi:

I write love stories. About loving and being forced apart and never being able to forget the love of your life …all that kind of stuff.

Twenty books. That’s how many I have published.

Most of my stories are laden with angst.

Why angst? Because to me, angst is vital, it keeps you involved in the story. I hate boring bits, so I try to write page turners. (Besides, I finally know how to spell angst.)

To quote a reviewer, “Eve Rabi’s books are so intense, after you’ve finished reading, you feel as if you’ve had a physical workout.”

That sounds about right.

To quote another reviewer, “Like ALL Eve Rabi books, it’s not your typical HEA, it will twist and turn you, cause your gut to burn, and your heart to yearn, but it’s worth the journey.”

Mm, yeah.

How did I start writing, you ask? I love reading, it’s my thing. When I was younger, I used to read about three to four novels a week, not stopping until I completed them. Once I started a good book, I wouldn’t stop till I finished it. That’s why my bedroom was always untidy.

But I grew frustrated when I couldn’t find female authors who wrote the kind of stories I wanted to read; meaty stories that would keep me gripped, cause my jaw to drop, yet still manage to be an amazing love story.

I wasn’t into Harlequin Romances, I wasn’t into plain erotica, yet I enjoyed romances.

Grisham, Koontz and Lee Childs didn’t quite do it for me.

I longed to read books by gutsy female authors, but I couldn’t find any. I’m sure they were around, but I couldn’t find them.

So, I decided to write a book and I haven’t stopped writing since. I can write all day.

Sometimes, I wish I didn’t have to sleep so I could write and write and write.

I am very lucky that four of my books have been on amazon.com top 100. Because of that I am able to write full-time. It’s not work, it’s a hobby.

What inspires me? Music. As I’ve said in other blogs, I download music all the time and have more than 12 000 songs on my iTunes folder. (All downloaded legally, so keep it to yourself, if you know what I mean.)

Currently, I’m loving Drake’s Hold on, We’re going Home and Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness. Drake is so cute, I don’t know why Rihanna doesn’t just hook up with him.

I’m also enjoying Kanye’s Black Skinhead. It’s noisy, but it’s raw and it’s him unleashed. (And it’s great to listen to when I have a ton of dishes to get through.) I like that about Kanye. He’s not afraid to call a spade a hoe. Lol!

I live in Australia and no, I’ve never put a shrimp on the Barbie. Not once.

And that basically is my ABC.

Now it’s your turn, tell me all about yourself. I want to know everything about you. Basics first; what is the pin number for your bank card?


Let’s move on to the book I’m here to talk about…


Do you ever think about your first love? The one you didn’t for some reason, marry or stay together?

Do you ever stare into space and wonder …does he ever think about me?

Does he hold her like he held me?

Does he kiss her like he kissed me?

Does he think about me when he hears our favorite song?

Does he call her ‘Baby’ too?

Does he remember my birthday? Does he have the urge to hit me with a text on that day?

Does he still have all our photographs and all the presents I gave him during our time together?

When you see him, does your heart slam inside your chest? Do your eyes light up when you see his photo on Facebook, even though you are in a relationship and even though you are happy with your current man?

Do you toy with the idea of sending him a friend request?

That’s what Burn’s World is all about.

It’s an interracial love triangle that is formed when Burn has trouble forgetting her first love.

The one who got away.

cover Burn complete series 29 september 13


Series Description

When the school star athlete, blue-eyed, blonde haired, Brody McGraw asks her out, Burn can hardly believe her luck.

In record time they start dating and she is thrilled when she can finally change her Facebook profile status to ‘In a relationship’.

However, Brody’s mother has huge political plans for her family and she makes it clear they do not include someone with Burn’s color.

When Burn suffers a severe bout of self-loathing because of Dawn McGraw’s words, she is forced to make a decision that will break her heart.

Enter Trojan Catrell, a street thug and an enemy of Brody McGraw.

He’s seen Burn and Brody together and he wants what Brody has. He pursues Burn even though she hankers after Brody and is not interested in him.

However, badass Trojan has no intention of taking no for an answer and a love triangle that lasts for years, ensues.

Burn’s World is a four-part series and all books are currently available.

Reviews on Burn’s World:

“I must say I love Eve Rabi’s books but this by far was my favorite series!! It will keep you on edge!!”

“One of the best series I have read in a long time, Loved it, the suspense, mystery, romance,

heart ache all in one book. Highly recommend this to anyone who wants an edge of the seat bed time read. I had a hard time putting it down.”

“I couldn’t put it down till it was finished.”

“I was not disappointed and couldn’t wait to move on to book number two. Ms Eve is dead on many of the situations is this story.”

Check out the YouTube video:


Here is the link:


My thanks to the lovely Rebecca (Rapid Reviewer) for allowing me to guest post.

And thank you for taking the time to read my post.

And since you’ve been so sweet, have another glass of chardonnay. Or Merlot. I’m not fussy

Go on, don’t be shy!


Where to find Eve Rabi:

Website: http://everabi.wordpress.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/eve.rabi

Blog: http://everabi.wordpress.com/

(Please visit my blog and follow me. I’ve been told it’s very entertaining.)

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/everabiauthor

View all Eve Rabi’s books by clicking on this link:


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