Etoile by Olivia Best Review



I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion and review, I gave Etoile 5 stars and here is why:

Etoile was a modern and sexy insight to the world of modelling, A fresh perspective on what you may think is a very glamorous lifestyle but turns out is quite the opposite. It was well written and in some parts even funny and please don’t let me forget the sex, it was mind-blowingly perfect!

I loved Edolie, she was honest and fair and someone you really wouldn’t expect to be a high-end couture fashion model – She starts from a sweet little orphan girl and claws her way to the top using everything she can!

Edolie is stuck between two men – The first, James is a wall street banker who treats Edolie like a princess most of the time but there were some moments where she was more like a piece of meat to him and it wasn’t something I liked! The second gorgeous being is Tyler – The oh-so-sexy top of the range model with the extremely good looks and the most mouth watering sex scenes I think I’ve ever read – Trust me I will never look at  a window in the same way again!

I loved the first in The mannequin series and I can’t wait to venture through the rest!


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