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Now I have a little treat for you guys! 


A single life could liberate an entire race, but the life required may be hers.

Since the invasion of her home planet by the ruthless Adveni, Georgianna Lennox’s life as a Veniche

medic isn’t as simple as it used to be. When a single infraction against the Adveni can lead to

incarceration, slavery, or death, each life saved can bring harsh consequences.

A secret delivery into the infamous Lyndbury Prison Compound reveals that her friend Nyah has

been sold into slavery, and Georgianna must decide how to weigh a single life against the risk to

herself and others.

Caught between her duty as a medic, her family, and her promise to a friend, she puts her trust in a

group of rebels, the Belsa. However, when the attempt to free Nyah uncovers a plan that could rid

the Veniche of the Adveni for good, Georgianna struggles with the realisation that the people she

trusted may have been using her for their own gain.

Unable to walk away, Georgianna finds herself pulled deep into a web of lies and cruelty that will

either claim Nyah’s life… or her own.

Had enough yet…Nope I didn’t think so! Here’s a little snippet of what you could be missing if you decided not to buy it!

Her effort to appear submissive and of no danger proved useless as a low buzzing sound

culminating in five beeps rang out from her pocket. Before she knew it, a gun was placed at

the back of her head, its muzzle pressing firmly against her skull. Georgianna jumped; she

had no idea how she’d managed to walk past someone, and she’d not heard anyone following

behind her.

Standing squarely and keeping her gaze ahead, she kept her wrists crossed above her.

“Get it out!”

She hesitated before she brought her right hand down, digging into her pocket and pulling

out the tsentyl. Pressing her thumb to the panel on the cube, she let the low pulse hum out and

swiped it open.

“What’s it say?”

Glancing down, she realised she couldn’t look down that far without moving her head, so

instead brought the tsentyl up before her, the blue writing glaring out brightly through the


“Oh, look: Marshall Casey is top of the Adveni kill list,” she answered. “What a surprise.”

For a moment, there was silence, and figuring that the daily alert of the “Veniche at

Large” list was nothing a Carae guard would be too surprised about, Georgianna slid the

tsentyl back to cube form and carefully slipped it back into her pocket before her hand

resumed its position above her head.

“Should know better, Georgianna!” the voice came from behind her again. “I could’ve

shot your pretty head off without you ever realising.”

She wanted to turn to see who was talking to her, but while the voice seemed to be amused

at her predicament, she couldn’t fully believe they wouldn’t shoot her if she made a wrong

move, not until she knew who it was anyway.

“Well, I do like giving you boys some target practice. Would you prefer it if I ran?”

The man chuckled, his amusement bouncing off the close walls of the tunnel. Despite

herself, she smirked.

“Nah, you’re alright. Guys might kill me if I shot the only pretty medic we got left to

make them really feel better.”

Georgianna coughed a short burst of laughter and shook her head a little.

“Aww, Taye, that’s sweet.”

The muzzle of the gun left the back of her head as the man began laughing. Sure enough,

in amongst the laughter, there was the sound of the gun being slipped into a holster. She

turned around, coming face to face, or more chest, with a tall, slim, dirty-blonde-haired man.

“How’d you know it was me?” Taye asked, pouting mockingly at her.

“How many other Carae would suggest I start giving sexual favours for medicine?”

Taye rocked his head from side to side and the gaze of his hazel eyes travelled a very

obvious trail down her body.

“I’d go with, I dunno, all of them?” he suggested. “Though, admittedly, most of them

would probably just think it, not say it out loud.”

“Well, how kind of them to keep their filthy thoughts to themselves, unlike someone I


Georgianna tried to give him a disappointed glare, but failed when a smirk curved her lips.

Reaching out, she slid a hand over Taye’s shoulder and pulled herself up to give him a tight


“How’ve you been doing?” she asked against his shoulder, holding the embrace a moment

longer before she let him go and Taye’s arms slid away from her waist.

Taye shrugged his lithe shoulders and stuffed his hands into his pockets.

“You been this week?” he asked.

She knew she couldn’t lie to him, not when he was always so kind to her, but Taye’s hope,

she knew, would slowly destroy him. Finally, she nodded.

“Just come from there.”

Taye’s eyes lit up through the darkness, and he reached out, grabbing Georgianna’s

shoulders and bending his head down to get a good look at her.

“How is she? Did you see her?”

“She’s…” Georgianna paused, taking a deep breath as she looked back at Taye’s hopeful

face. “She’s there. I didn’t speak to her, but she looked the same as before.”

Taye let out a relieved sigh and brought his hands up, cupping her face, fingers lost in the

waves of her hair.

“You are my ship, Gianna!” he told her gently. “I swear, I don’t think I’d be able to stay

back if you couldn’t tell me how she’s doing.”

Georgianna brought her hand up, resting her fingers over Taye’s hand, curled around her


“Taye…” she murmured. “Nyah was buryd. You can’t keep obsessing.”

He shook his head violently and pulled his hands back from her face.

“No, she wasn’t. She made a mistake! She’ll be let out, and then things will be the way

they were meant to. We’ll be joined, I promised her!”

It was stupid to argue with Taye, Georgianna knew that. She’d tried telling him that he

should move on, that the likelihood was that Nyah would be sold before she was released, a

beautiful girl like she was, but Taye wouldn’t hear of it. Any time the compound was brought

up, he would get angry and start suggesting they find a way to get her out. Georgianna didn’t

want Taye to end his life on an impossible task. Sometimes she feared that he would commit

some horrible crime just so that he could be buryd with her.

About Chele

Chele is an English Sci-Fi and Fantasy writer currently living in London, UK. Slightly obsessive when

it comes to the things she enjoys, Chele fell in love with the Harry Potter fandom which led to her

writing fan fiction throughout her teen years. Moving on to original fiction, Chele completed a

degree in Creative Writing, and has continued writing ever since. Dead and Buryd is the first book in

Chele’s “Out of Orbit” series.



Website: chelecooke.com

Twitter: @chelecooke

Facebook: Chele Cooke Writing

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