Claiming Chase by Charlotte Eve Review.


I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion and review:

I gave ‘Claiming Chase’ 5 stars and here is why;
Can you imagine if your teenage crush happened to be your step brother? Can you Imagine spending the whole summer with him? and now can you imagine him disappearing for 11 years after you have your first sexual encounter?
Charity has been heart broken since the day that Chase walked out of her life for good, she coasts through with her nose stuck in a book and ignoring all possibilities of dating.
Chase has done his best to forget all about the sweet little Charity that he left behind and instead he invests himself into his work and has one night stand after another.

That is until they meet again...

Suddenly they are both thrown into a turbulent romance filled with drama and emotion, Can Chase ever let himself open up to his one true love? and can Charity ever forgive him for walking away without even a goodbye?

Charlotte Eve did a brilliant job of creating this book. It has everything you need to make your mouth drool and your eyes water. I will most definitely be reading the rest of Charlotte’s work and if you were to read this story you will want to do the same.

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